Hello World.

The Quickening.

I think if I wrote down what I was thinking and chronicle the development of these little games and their real world analogs, it might help me organize my thoughts a bit better. And with that, I introduce my little dev log.

The Gathering.

I am developing a few things. I've sort of started with a simple tabletop RPG system, and I've worked out a few combat rules, and created humans and zombies using some basic character generation rules, and put some 16x16 sprites together and…

… well a lot. This is why I need a developer log. Notes to myself (and other interested parties).

A Wild Screenshot Appears!


This is the current state of a game I'm working on (the afore-mentioned 'zombie combat simulator', for lack of a better description, but I digress). Let me explain a little bit. We're looking at a battlefield after a bloody fight to the death. We have four 8-bit ladies, two with shotguns (the lefty appears to have dropped hers), one with an axe, and the fourth with a machete, all surrounded by the corpses of zombies they've managed to kill. The lady with the axe also appears to have dropped her weapon.

They have mostly survived, and judging by how much they're bleeding, two of them are pretty hurt and the other two seem to be more or less ok.

Zombies spawn wearing any combination of clothing (including none!) and potentially bloody. Humans currently spawn with a random weapon (again, including none!) and some clothes.

On the right side, you can see the game log, from which, if you read line by line, you hopefully can get a good sense of the action. This is the output from a single combat session.

As it is now, rounds tick off every 3 seconds, so this battle took about 27 seconds total. In these short battles I have watched all different combinations of humans fighting different combinations of zombies. I watched a rag tag group of four humans chipping away at a mob of zombies until one of the humans is wounded bad enough his blood starts attracting the attention of the zombies… they swarmed and the humans were slowly overran until it was down to one nervous survivor and a single zombie. He dropped his shotgun twice before he was finally incapacitated by the zombie. It continued to attack the unconcious guy for three rounds until the human died.

I guess what I am trying to say here is that this is turning out pretty fun… I mean, if you're in to this sort of thing.

In Summary

  1. Dev Log - Huzzah!
  2. Prototype RPG - in development…
  3. Survivor's Fieldbook - in development…