Spatial Awareness

I've added hearing to the zombies… in addition to their bloodlust. I've also added line of sight to the humans, but first let's talk about noise.

Currently each weapon has a noise level, that, when activated, adds to the noise of character wielding it. Currently noise levels decay to 25% every action phase but consecutive actions will add to the noise level.

Noise levels also decrease the further away the listener is from the source. I'm still working out the noise level balance, but so far I'm fairely pleased with the somewhat believable results.

With regard to vision: currently humans can only target zombies they are aware of. That doesn't necessarily mean they must have eyes on the zombie themselves. As it is now if any human can see the zombie they're all aware of it, and will target accordingly.

crouching human...

I've also added some idle animations, and a bounce to their step… breathing a bit more life into the characters. You may have also noticed there's the start of a game log at the bottom…

The main menu also kinda works now… you can start a new game… which now persist across sessions! (I've been somewhat reluctant in pushing out this update in fear of messing up the saved game format. It seems somewhat stable lately, so… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ we'll see…)

I've also started work on buttons and other parts of the UI… only like… a year after the fact.

Try it out and let me know what you think on twitter.