I've added a time tracking and it's starting to feel a like a real thing! The terrain you're moving into has a randomized travel cost dependent on the type, i.e. mountainous regions take significantly longer to travel through than cities. Each terrain type also has a random amount of zombies, again, dependent on the type (mountains have significantly less zombies than cities).

Characters persist through stages (which you can now leave for the world map using [esc] key or clicking the arrow (you can enter a stage by hitting the [enter] key or downward arrow).

Be aware though: characters will look different; the character sprite generator is still random though character stats will persist. They're also assigned random weapons every time you enter a stage, but I'll get to fixing that. The car sprite in the world map is also still randomized but it's all just cosmetic.

The stage is still loading my wall test level, but, like everything else, I'll get too it soon.

Try an early build!

days and days