Going Places


I've made it so you can explore the overworld in a random vehicle! The world expands practically infinitely, so enjoy the admittedly boring (yet strangely compelling) scenery. I've also added touch controls to control the movement (or use arrow keys).

looking for adventure


I've also tested Tiled.app integration, and I think I've got it doing what I need it to be doing. Click on the vehicle to load a test level (practically same boring grass but this time with WALLS!)


Combat skills are also slightly reworked so that similar weapons can somewhat share skillsets. That is to say, we now have a generic "Ballistics" skill which levels up with the use of weapons like rifles, pistols, or even crossbows. The next tier breaks them up into groups like "Handguns", and for the third tier: "Pistols". I guess what I'm saying is I'm fairly pleased with how flexible the skill system appears to be.